The bow I make for your instrument incorporates the finest of materials and quality workmanship. In order to insure the quality of materials, I travel to Brazil for pernambuco wood, to Spain for blackwood and Paris for mammoth ivory and abalone. Acquiring materials, learning their characteristics, interacting with musicians, and studying bows in collections and museums are all integral factors in my personalized approach to bow making.

I began developing my skills in 1981 with a two year apprenticeship in the French method in Portland, Oregon with Robert Shallock. In 1984 and '85 I attended workshops with William Salchow, Fullbright Scholar in bow making. On invitation in 1996, I attended the Oberlin Bow making Workshop, sharing in the collective knowledge of some of the best bow makers of this generation. I work in my studio in Port Townsend, Washington, using time-honed skills and giving attention to every detail needed to achieve artistry and excellence in every bow I make.

You may try my handmade bows on an approval procedure. You will know which bow is best for you and your instrument by testing them in in your specific contexts. I will be happy to provide you with a finely crafted bow that will enable you to reach your optimum potential as a musician.