1) You are responsible and need to be proactive in contacting me
during your bow's "trial time". Trial time is two weeks (14 days).

2) Please have your teacher on hand to evaluate and help you make
your decision whether to keep the bow.

3) A check for $250 is required for a deposit. This check must have
name, current address and phone number. A cell phone is also
appreciated. This check will be cashed only in the event that a
buying decision is made

4) You are responsible for shipping costs both ways.
Cash up-front ($20) for shipping the bow to you is required.

5) Insurance is not required on the return shipment.

6) All shipping costs will be deducted from the total cost of a bow when it is purchased.

7) An agreement form will be sent to you, via email. Please sign and return this document with the deposit check and $20 cash for shipping.

1) Contact me directly for details of the trial. I provide schools and orchestras with an ample selection of bows from which to choose.

2) We will work out the terms of our arrangement via telephone.